About Eyes of Faith

Welcome to this website.  This website is organized and hosted by kgphotoworkshops.com.  The images shared here are (initially) provided by participants in our Photography: An Expression of Faith workshop!

I originally organized a group in Austin, Texas called Eyes of Faith over a decade ago, encouraging people to use their photography as an expression of their faith.  We had regular meetings, photo contests, fun activities and had quite a following for a while!   We had members from a wide variety of churches in the Austin area.  After a few years, we stopped meeting but the idea lives on through this website!

I encourage you to consider ways you can use your photography as an expression of your faith.  You are invited to send me your faith images.  I am happy to post them on here. 🙂

AND if you ever feel “inspired” to create a faith photography group, I encourage you to do so!

Happy Picture Taking!

Kevin Gourley,  Austin, TX

A website encouraging the use of photography as an expression of your faith.