October 2, 2017 Meeting 7pm


If you’d like to know more about supporting the foster care community of Central Texas, check out:

If you would like to be a volunteer photographer for Heart Gallery, CLICK HERE


Meeting Date/Time: October 2, 2017 7pm 

This will be our second meeting of the year!  Join us as we continue to get to know who all is interested in being involved in Eyes of Faith, and we’ll discuss some ideas for future activities and projects. 

Supporting the Foster Care Community of Austin

We’ll be looking at ways everyone can support the foster care community in Austin.  People who step up to the calling of becoming a foster parent are amazing. What an incredible gift of love!   Even if you do not see yourself as ever becoming a foster parent, there are many other ways you can support the foster care community. Come and learn more from Dan Zieschang with Upbring.org.  Also Megan Ransom with Heart Gallery of Central Texas  will speak to us! Heart Gallery is a photography exhibit and community education/outreach initiative featuring children who are waiting for adoption.

Meeting Location:  Kevin Gourley Photography Studio, 11740 Jollyville Road Suite #400, Austin, TX  click here for directions 

If you cant make it to the meeting, but would like to be a volunteer photographer for Heart Gallery, CLICK HERE

About Eyes of Faith

Eyes of Faith is a Christian photography interest group where we encourage participants to gather and explore ways we can use photography as an expression of our faith and in community service.

Who is Invited?  YOU!

We all see the world differently, and when it comes to matters of faith and religious beliefs we humans come to different conclusions.  This group is a Christian photography group and all are welcome. We don’t claim to have all the answers. Maybe you have a strong Christian faith. Maybe you are “spiritual” but don’t affiliate with any religion. Maybe you are still searching for answers, but find yourself stuck with more questions than answers. I bet you might still find this group worthwhile. Even if you are not sure if any of this applies to you, perhaps you might gain some new insights by working on projects with us to create photographs that depict different “faith” related topics.  For example, what might “forgiveness” look like in a photograph?  So, regardless of where you are on these matters, you are still invited. Come as you are.  We also look for ways we can use our photography as a service to the community.This group is sponsored by Bethany United Methodist Church in NW Austin.  You don’t have to be a member of Bethany to attend. All are invited! 

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